Chicken CSA Share

    Against the Grain Farm's 2016 CSA will run for 20 weeks,
    June 1 - October 19, 2016.

    Against the Grain Farm is excited to work with Whole+Sum Farm & Foods in providing a chicken share.

    Whole+Sum Farms

    Whole+sum Farm & Natural Foods is a small Diversified Farm dedicated to championing Natural and Sustainable food production for the local community. We are passionate about good food (we love to eat!) and we want to share our love for great ingredients and Natural Food with you. To find out more visit our Website or visit our Facebook page for the latest news from the Chicken Coop!

    What do you get?
    Our Chicken share consists of 1 whole Organically Fed Oven Ready Chicken every other week during the 20 week duration of your Bayberry share (10 whole chickens weighing between 4-5 Lbs).

    When and where do I pick up my share?
    You can pick up your Chicken Share at any of the locations below. Our birds will be frozen and delivered to Against the Grain Farm on their usual collection day. Chicken shares will commence on week 1 of the Against the Grain Farm CSA and continue every two weeks thereafter.

    Tell me more about your Chickens and Share.
    We let our Chickens be Chickens which means access to the outdoors where they are free to peck and scratch until their hearts are content. Raised naturally without the use of antibiotics and fed Certified Organic feed from Organics Unlimited (www. organicfeedmill.com), you can be sure you will be enjoying some of the best chicken available - ethically and healthily.

    * Our Chickens are processed, packed and inspected in a Local USDA approved facility.

    Chicken Share Cost
    $200 - 10 birds weighing between 4-5 Lbs every other week of the 20

     Pick Up Locations  Wednesday  from 4:30 - 6:00pm  at George Read Park, 315 Delaware Circle, Newark
       Thursday  from 4:30 - 7:00pm  at Historic Penn Farm, 807 Frenchtown Road, New Castle
     Sold Out  Friday (Limited)  After 11:00 am  at Delaware Local Food Exchange, Trolley Square, Wilmington
       Friday (Limited)  From 5:00-7:00pm  at Whole+Sum Farm & Foods, Middletown

    Here is a map Showing the locations. CSA Pick Up Location Map

    Against the Grain Farm's CSA will start the first full week of June and will end mid October. If you are interested in a share for 2016 please fillout out the Registration Form and after submitting an invoice will be sent to you. Please contact us regarding Extended Payments or paying for your share through work on the farm. If you are also desiring the optional additions to the vegetable share you can find more information about them here: Bread Share, Cheese Share, Egg Share, Vegetable Share, or Fruit Share.