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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and operates on a subscription basis, fostering a cooperative relationship between farmer and shareholder. 

The idea is a simple one: customers purchase annual, seasonal or half shares (depending on what the farm makes available) of the farm's produce rather than buying single items at retail prices. CSA shares bring the freshest farm products to you while ensuring that all the items are sold, a win/win marketing model. Customers pay in advance, providing the farm with its budget and production goals. In return, the farm works hard year round to bring the shareholder wholesome herbs, fruits, and vegetables at their peak of freshness and perfection.

Farm production varies naturally with the seasons, weather conditions, weed pressure and other variables, meaning a farm will often enjoy bumper crops and suffer occassional crop failures. Because CSAs work as a community partnership, where all share the risks and reap the many benefits together. Thus, share quantities will vary from crop to crop and from season to season, being sparser in the cooler seasons and most bountiful in the late summer.

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Common Questions

How many people will a share feed

A full CSA share will provide a family of four with enough vegetables for a week.

What will be in my share

The weight and volume of a share will be different from week to week. Generally in a full share you will receive half a bushel of produce worth $30. In the half bushel you will receive whatever is fresh and available that week according to the season.

Why do I pay in advance

When you subscribe to a CSA you are providing the farm with a working budget for the season. This investment is used for purchasing seed, supplies, and labor for the farm for the year.

What do we do about vacations

Prior arrangements may be made in advance, in order for us to try to accommodate your needs, based on availability, make-up dates are a possibility. You may arrange for a neighbor or friend to pick up your share. If arrangements are not made your share will be donated or dispersed among the rest of the members.

What happens if I forget to pick up my share

Your share will be held for a day and you can make arrangements to pick it up. If you do not your share will be donated to a local food bank/soup kitchen or distributed to other CSA shareholders or volunteers at the farm.

Do you have half shares

Yes, we offer half shares for vegetables shares.

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Can I pay with a credit card?

Please email us with any other questions.

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