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who we are

Spring Radish

Against the Grain Farm is a small sustainable farm growing produce organically

Against the Grain Farm has grown from a humble beginning to a strong Community Support Agriculture (CSA) farm in Northern Delaware. Our goal is to provide fresh, quality food grown in a sustainable and natural manner. We recognize we have an obligation to our community, customers, and employees to be responsible stewards of the land. Against the Grain Farm does not use any petroleum based insecticides or herbicides. Only organic sprays are used when necessary. Plants are protected by beneficial bugs, row covers, and the use of top quality plants. Against the Grain Farm uses cover crops for erosion control and soil amendment. Crop rotation is utilized to encourage diversity and to discourage disease.

After 5 years in Middletown moved to Historic Penn Farm, managed by Delaware Greenways, to continue growing great produce in 2016. As with many CSA farms we rely on the purchasing of CSA shares in order for the farm to function. If we did not have our shareholders we would not be able to provide naturally grown produce to the region. Please check out our Vegetable CSA and other CSA options, here.

where will we be


There are always ways to be involved

Against the Grain Farm loves having visitors all year round. The best times to visit are when things are growing, Late Spring - Late Fall. Come on out for some Dirt Therapy!

What can you do or would you be doing:
  • Plant Some Seeds
  • Play In Some Dirt
  • Transplant Some Plants
  • Pull Some Weeds
  • There Is Always Something

our history

  • Bayberry Farm broke its first piece of ground and had a great year with our first 14 shareholders.

  • The farm aquired its first tractor and offered for the first time a cheese share and bread share.

  • Bayberry Farm became Certified Naturally Grown.

  • The last year Bayberry Farm will be at its current location. Bayberry Farm changed its name to Against the Grain Farm.

  • The move to Historic Penn Farm took place and we continue to grow here.

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