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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and operates on a subscription basis, fostering a cooperative relationship between farmer and shareholder. The idea is a simple one: customers purchase annual, seasonal or half shares (depending on what the farm makes available) of the farm's products rather than buying single items at retail prices. CSA shares bring the freshest farm product to you while ensuring that all the product is sold, a win/win marketing model. Customers pay in advance, providing the farm with its budget and production goals. In return, the farmer works hard year round to bring you wholesome, naturally grown herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other products at their peak of freshness and perfection.

A note from the farmer,
Last year while managing two farms I learned a couple lessons. This year I am taking a break from having a CSA and we will be growing just for market. I hope to be able to re-establish our CSA next year with a seasonal farm manager and a couple farm helpers. There are a few other local CSA's in the area that do a wonderful job.

Thank you Toby

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