Against the Grain Farm

Cheese CSA Share

    Against the Grain Farm's 2017 CSA will run for 20 weeks,
    June 1 - October 12, 2017.

    Against the Grain Farm is happy to be able to work with Breezy Meadows Farm in providing their aged goat cheese. A cheese share consists of a block a cheese each week. Some information from the Oberholtzers....

    Greetings from Breezy Meadow Farm, home of raw goats’ milk cheeses. There is Feta to crumble on your next leafy green salad. Homemade pizza is so tasty, oozing with a generous layer of shredded Pepper + Basil. Personally, we enjoy the Garlic + Chives as a healthy snack, along with a bowl of crunchy pretzels. For those who enjoy a burst of flavor, taste some of our Pepper Jack. It’s seasoned with a blend of chili, cayenne and black peppers. We also offer Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Gouda, Colby and Swiss. We have received requests for Herbed Feta and Sharp Cheddar, and are considering adding them to our line of cheeses as well.

    Our cheese is made by hand here on our farm from our own fresh, unpasteurized milk. It’s never heated over 102°F. We use vegetable rennet with certified organic herbs and spices. Celtic sea salt helps to bring out the flavors. We refrain from using any coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives. The raw cheese is aged a minimum of 60 days before becoming available to you.

    Our small family farm is located 2 miles north of Myerstown in Berks County. Many of our customers are lactose intolerant and are able to use our products because of the low level of lactose in goat milk. Others choose us simply because they prefer goat milk with all it’s benefits. Our herd of dairy goats includes Nubian, Alpine, Saanen and La Mancha breeds. They graze in our pasture whenever possible. Besides the grass, they receive hay and a soy-free grain mix. We do not use antibiotics or hormones for our milking animals. When inside the barn, the goats are free to walk about in a large pen. They come through the milking parlour twice a day and the milk is cooled promptly to bring the best of quality to you.We invite you to try out our cheeses. Thank you for your support of our farm as well as your local natural market, Martindale’s!

    the Oberholtzers

    Cheese Share Cost - $125

    What do you get?
    An 8 oz. portion of raw goat's milk farmhouse cheese each week.

     Pick Up Locations  
       Thursday  from 5:00 - 7:00pm  at Historic Penn Farm, 807 Frenchtown Road, New Castle

    Here is a map Showing the locations.  2017 CSA Pick Up Location Map

    Against the Grain Farm's CSA will start beginning of June and will end mid October. If you are interested in a share for 2017 please fillout out the Registration Form and after submitting an invoice will be sent to you. Please contact us regarding Extended Payments or paying for your share through work on the farm. If you are also desiring the optional additions to the vegetable share you can find more information about them here: Vegetable CSA Share and Fruit Share.